Victor Papanek

Vitra Design Museum, Germany

Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design

The life of designer, author and activist Victor Papanek, told via an eight-screen projection on a purpose-built structure.


This large-scale installation gives an introduction to Victor Papanek, his thoughts and theories.

NewAngle designed the structure and edited film for the exhibit, bringing together photographs from his notebooks, stills and slides from the Papanek Foundation, archive footage and imagery. The result is a multi-dimensional portrait of one of the twentieth century’s most influential champions of socially and ecologically responsible design.

Project info

The film puts his work in context, giving visitors a picture of the times in which Papanek lived. It explores the political and social issues of the 1960s–80s, to which he was responding, and demonstrates Papanek’s place in design history.


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The Politics of Design

  • A virtual portrait of Victor J Papanek told through eight projections mapped across multiple surfaces.